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The staff at Thunder Alley Transmissions has over 40 years experience in the automotive transmission repair industry.


Does your vehicle have an Automatic Transmission? A Standard? Four Wheel Drive? We can fix it. Specializing in automotive drive systems, Thunder Alley Transmissions will repair or rebuild your automatic or standard transmission, front and rear differential, and transfer case systems to get you back on the road in a timely manner. Clutch Problem? No Problem! We do that too.

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Thunder Alley Transmissions is located in Beautiful Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, right in the heart of the Okanagan Valley.  With many wonderful summer evenings for cruising and beautiful scenery to look at, it is inevitable that people are going to have transmission problems.  This is where Thunder Alley Transmissions can step in to help get you back on the road. 

  We were established in 1995, and quickly outgrew our original 1 bay location.  We relocated to 170 - 48 Industrial Ave. W. in April 1998, where we have been providing excellent service to our customers ever since.  We currently have 3 employees working in our 3,600 sq. ft. shop, and with over 40 years experience in the transmission industry, we are able to assist our customers with their driveline issues on many vehicles, whether your car is a fully restored classic, hot rod, 4x4, or just a daily driver.  We also work with many extended warranty providers.

  Thunder Alley Transmissions specializes in Automatic and Standard transmissions and trans-axles, as well as transfer-cases, differentials, and clutches.  We are also able to custom build a transmission, transfer case, or differential for special applications, such as 4x4's, hot rods, and race cars, with many of our custom transmissions being used in high horsepower applications such as blown-alcohol injected door cars, dragsters, and altereds, as well as a Bonneville Salt Flats racer.

  The next time that you have a question or concern about your vehicles transmission or driveline, be sure to go to the experts at  Thunder Alley Transmissions, where Gerry, Doc, and Dan will get you back on the road in record time.